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That Special Gift!

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. One of the reasons I wanted to become apart of the cake pan lady family is because of how unique a product it is. I put allot of thought into what to give someone for a gift. I want to make sure it fits who they are, what they like and it's personal. Over the years I have given a personalized cake pan from the cake pan lady to almost everyone I know. It's a hit every time. Personalized gifts let's them know you have spent a little extra time thinking about them and that they mean allot to you.

My oldest son Jory got married 3 years ago. The first words he said to me when I brought in the gifts was I hope you got us a engraved cake pan. I have given a personalized cake pan to every bride and groom over the last 15 years and every time it's a hit.

For your next special occasion share the gift of a personalized cake pan. Now, I want to share a little secret I have a few pans myself but they are not all for cooking. I have a few I store threads in and special projects I am working on. Get creative and think outside the box when thinking about the special pan you want to give someone. I promise it will be a hit.

Mother's day is right around the corner and there is still time to order. If you have a special saying or design you don't see on our website email me and I will help you come up with something special. Here are some designs that would be perfect for your mom.


We have added a new design to the website. If you have an avid fisher person this would be a great pan design for them.

The cake pan lady will be at the Rosemount Spring Bazaar Gift and Craft show on April 30th. There will be special pan designs only available at the show so come on over and say Hi to me. To stay on top of in person events and cake pan lady news like our social media accounts and sign up for our newsletter.

All the best,


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